Migration Business Services

Migration Business Services is the business partner for all Migration Agents, Solicitors, and Consultants. We are on your side and we support your work.

Whilst you are progressing the many aspects of your clients visa applications, we are diligently working on the supporting business documents such as the Business Plan, Labour Market Testing, Market Salary Report, Curriculum Vitae, Company Brief, and any other document that you require.

This enables you to focus your valuable time on the elements that only you can complete, and ensures that you don’t get bogged down in onerous tasks.

We offer our services at a very cost effective price. In fact we are 30% to 40% cheaper than our competitors. This enables you to pass on these savings to your clients, or create a margin for your own business, which promotes good business.

Welcome to our service.

Nick Sharrock

Managing Director & Business Writer

Our Promise

We provide multiple amendments at no extra cost.

Our agenda is your agenda, which is to be successful. If the plan or any document requires an amendment, we’ll do this at no extra cost.

We respond to requests for further information at no extra cost.

We have found that on the occasion the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will seek further information, evidence, or clarification to be submitted. When this is the case we will happily provide this at no extra cost.

We are committed to keeping our costs at 30% to 40% cheaper than our competitors.

With over 20 years experience and a team of professionals at hand, we are able to take the lead on all documents and produce them in a timely manner with little information from you or your client. Our method and our processes keep our costs at a minimum.

Our Services

Business Plans

Our business plans are tailor made, they are individualistic and we pride ourselves on our creative writing and business acumen.

Labour Market Testing

Labour Market Testing has become a little bit of a hurdle for some of our clients, and our response has been a hit!

Employment Contract

We provide a professional contract that abides by local employment laws, awards and local and national employment standards.

Position Description

Our Position Descriptions are well researched and written to take in the relevance of the business. We also add Key Performance Indicators to create that little bit extra.

Curriculum Vitae

This document is designed to both meet all requirements to support your application as well as be a useful document for your client.

Company Profiles

Our Company Profile is a document that in brief describes the most important aspect of the business.

Responses to the DIBP

We are often asked to respond to requests from the DIBP. Examples of this are requests for further evidence regarding ‘No Equivalent Worker’ of ‘Genuine Position’.